After exploring many mediums, I found that watercolor was the best to paint my detailed drawings. I fell in love with the translucent quality of watercolor, and the difficulty of the medium was a challenge that has held my interest. In recent years, I have begun to blend graphite and watercolor, combining the two so that it is often impossible to tell the difference

Creating this body of work, I strive to capture a fleeting moment in my memory and execute it with lines and shaded forms of graceful movement and intricate detail. In some of the work, I use hard edges of squares against the soft flow of curves to create different windows of interest creating paintings within a painting. I hope to convey a peaceful quality in the composition that allows the viewer to come close and share a quiet moment.

My subject matter comes from my memory of the many shapes and forms found in nature, especially the organic shapes of leaves, vines, and petals.

I feel the absence of color and the use of shading, and details, enhance the sculptural aspects of my paintings and drawings. I often listen to classical piano while I’m working and I am sure the lyrical quality of my drawing comes about from the influence of the music.